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At Shine, we deeply believe in the mind/body/spirit connection. We believe in the roots of yoga – the goal of liberation from worldly suffering and enlightened relationship with a creator. Different schools of yoga have differing beliefs about this enlightened relationship. However, all schools of yoga have a goal of attainment of perfect tranquility and spiritual insight with an ultimate goal of peace.

Some yoga masters have described the ultimate goal of yoga as being ‘consciously conscious’—meaning that the sense of a ‘personal self’ and the sense of ‘unlimited spirit and consciousness’ are united. They consider the union – Shine usually says ‘integration’ – between the person’s various parts into a whole as the most important aspect of yoga. It is reflected by the person’s body parts being in sync with one another. They are all situated in the most effective way for maximum circulation and meditation. Every part has a place in the whole.

Although this is historically considered yoga’s ultimate goal, yoga is a highly personal endeavor with many rewards.

At Shine, we offer yoga choices for all levels. Our robust yoga offerings are intended for people of all levels. Our teachers offer modifications to make the practice work for you!


At our location, Shine works with children ages K-8th grade to cultivate inner knowing and expression. We use music, art, meditation and movement to understand how we feel and how to choose our feelings. Each session is an hour and children typically go home with some reminder of the lesson (i.e, art or craft they created, affirmation).


Shine is proud to work in our Sandwich Public School System to support students and teachers. Shine provides in classroom lessons and support and before school programs. This work is funded by grants through the public school and Shine often offers ‘in kind’ donation of time to achieve our collective goal of supporting the Whole Student.


  • Reinforce concept of shared space, class community, respectful listening, honoring self and each person.
  • Affirm the importance of individuality while also supporting the whole; the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
  • Reinforce the ability to identify and express personal feelings and needs.
  • Empower children to choose how they feel.
  • Teach techniques to calm and regulate self, center and focus, and nurture the ‘self’ while functioning within the group.
  • Create intentional symbols of class harmony, built on individual contribution.
  • Build confidence in presenting self to the world.
  • Create shared experiences that children can reinforce with each other over time.


  • Each class begins with children in a circle and a song experience to emphasize the individual and the group and the ability to choose our feelings.
  • Children identify their own feelings and unique gifts and talents.
  • Stand & Deliver: Children verbalize to class what they feel, what they want and what they contribute to the class.
  • Class affirmation of the individual.
  • Create physical symbols of individuality and the whole, often through craft, art, or movement.
  • Use sound, color and guided visualization to identify and regulate feelings.
  • Repetition: Revisiting Touchstones and certain techniques to build habit strength in children.

After these sessions, children said:

“I feel calm.”

“I am happy.”

“I want more.”

“I am learning to like myself.”

“I think I went somewhere in my mind and relaxed.”

“My head feels lighter.”

“I feel peaceful.”

“I am special.”

“I feel relaxed.”

“We are better together.”


At our own facility, Shine has received grant funding from the public schools and the Sandwich Town Wellness committee to host public school teachers to provide them a gift of relaxation and restorative care. Our teachers give so much of themselves to our students and our community. This is a way we show thanks and appreciation for all they do, as well as collectively embrace our education core values of wellness and wholeness. This was offered as a professional development opportunity for Sandwich Public School Teachers. Each session will includes meditation, relaxation and visualization to help release the stresses of life and energize and balance your body and mind. The goal is to sustain Whole Teachers who Shine light into your own lives, your student’s lives and our community – while you continue to feel full and energized!


Offered in twelve 1.5-hour sessions

Employing teaching, meditation, exercises, coaching, music, and sharing, Shine’s12 Powers is the cornerstone of our educational work. Loosely based on Charles Fillmore’s book, The Twelve Powers of Man, the course is designed to deepen your awareness and expression of the soul’s inherent spiritual power.

In the context of Shine’s clear-connect-create model, the 12 Powers are used to:

  • Clear conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs, labels, archetypes, patterns, and habits
  • Connect fully to your multi-dimensional spiritual power, and
  • Create a life of joy and fulfillment

This course is intentionally designed to be experiential for people willing to ‘go deep’ and create positive change in their lives.