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The Truth Can Hurt…But It Doesn’t Have To

This is so big in my life right now. SoulSpark and I have a close relationship. We share lots of our lives, our healing, our meditations, our sorrows and joys. Here’s the thing: we have frequent conflicts over the Truth. He doesn’t seem to know what his Truth is….most of the time. And, if he is pressed for ‘the Truth’, he searches his mind…not his heart. He imagines what truth would make sense. He thinks about what most people might say. He thinks about what truth will work for the person/people he is talking to. The trouble is that none of that is his Truth.

Over and over again we go through this cycle of me wanting the Truth, him getting lost or confused in the looking for Truth, usually an unhelpful and often hurtful truth is shared ….that causes many ripples in the field. And, at the end of a long and arduous truth-seeking process, we finally work through all of his mental and emotional barriers and blocks and get to his heartfelt truth….which is always OK for both of us.

It has often seemed mean-spirited and designed to be hurtful – his sharing of the truth. He flings some hurtful information at me with a ‘Fine, you want the truth. Here it is.’   And it is designed to hurt. And it does. Trouble is that it isn’t the truth. It is more defense.

So, I took all this to Spirit. I asked what was going on with this…it seems so hard, hurtful, and sad. I was really asking what I need to do differently. Spirit said I didn’t need to do anything differently. Here is what Spirit said:

You are a truth seeker and truth see-er. You need to fully own that essence of yourself and make peace with it. It is what makes you a good healer and coach. You see to the heart of the matter and help others see and own their own Truth. It saves much time and spinning around in confusion and stories. You have been that way since you were a child. It can make for discomfort in your personal relationships because people don’t always want to know – and certainly not live in – the Truth.  I said to Spirit that it can be lonely. Spirit said as you come to more deeply know who and what you are, you will attract more people who want to live in that Truth….who are seeking it themselves and who resonate with the energy of Truth, without being afraid of it.

See, SoulSpark is afraid of the Truth. He doesn’t know his own Truth, which can be scary for him… and me. And, when he gets scared, he is resentful that I am pushing for Truth and so he flings a hurtful facsimile of truth at me….to prove that the Truth is bad.

I understand deeply what is happening…but that doesn’t make it not hurt.

SiriusSister stopped speaking to me months and months ago and I knew then – and know more deeply now – that it is because she knew that I could see the Truth…and that was too uncomfortable. So be it.

With SoulSpark, though, our relationship is built on Truth. It must be. There is no other way for us. Which can be challenging. I realize now, more than I ever have, that we are in each other’s lives to bring Truth to Earth….and, like all things, it starts within. It’s another way of saying that we are here to help ourselves and others light up the shadows  within…live into  the light in an authentic and self-accepting way.  We can’t bring anything to Earth that we don’t first embody. We are heading to the time when people will generally be telepathic and there are no secrets. To get ready to live in all that knowing, we all need to flex our Truth muscles. If we are afraid of our own Truth, how will it be for us when the whole world can see it?  As PracticalFairy would say….awwkkkwwaarrddd.

Word to the wise – know your own Truth.   If you don’t know it, make it a priority to find it. Knowing your own Truth is empowering. When you know your own Truth, what others think or want of you is less important. And, because you are comfortable with your Truth, it is easier to respond to their wants of you with compassion rather than frustration or anger…all the while standing in your Truth. It is worth the investment. It is free-ing.   Hmmmm….this circles right back to one of my core beliefs – and one that we teach at Shine – our primary ‘job’ on Earth is to know who and what we are….and create our lives from that knowing.

As always, hold it lightly…ask for help…ask for ease. But, do it!