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The Energetics of Seasonal Depression

So, yesterday I had a session with an amazing and lovely woman we’ll call Sue. She talked about her struggles with seasonal depression and her trepidation that the days were growing shorter. My partner, SoulSpark, who assisted me in the session also grapples with this challenge. During the session, Spirit shared a very interesting perspective on seasonal depression. It aligns with some of my beliefs, but I never connected seasonal depression to my beliefs.

So….for years I have talked about shining the light on whatever within you is troubled, sad, etc. Open yourself up and shine the light on it. Bring it out into the light. Don’t let it sit in you…in the dark….where it festers and grows. So many people that struggle with shame and guilt and a deep fear of what is within them put their effort into keeping it in the ‘dark’. This kind of repression/suppression leads to depression, anxiety, a ‘leaking out’ of emotions that seem out of balance to what is happening and the like. It can be debilitating…it can be a full time job to hide what is within. People who struggle with this imagine that they are so much different or so much ‘worse’ than everyone else…which leads to isolation. They pull back, hide, judge themselves…they feed their darkness.

This is the opposite, by the way, of ‘coming clean’. Think about the catharsis of just saying what you feel, what lives in you…the good, the bad, the ugly. Think of the comfort and camaraderie when a group of people come together and share their darkness.

It is true…where there is light there can be no darkness. So, shine the light inward. Shine it on every nook and cranny of your psyche. Every dark, uncharitable, selfish, blameful, twisted thought. Let the light shine on it and it will lose its power. It is just a thought….you may figure out where it comes from or you may not. Shining the light on it somehow makes it dwindle. When you put you energy into hiding, suppressing, etc….that is when it has power. That is when it runs you from the background…subtly, without you even knowing it.

So, back to the session with Sue. Spirit said that most of the people today suffering from seasonal depression are people who fear the dark…they fear the dark within. There’s a relationship between the physical darkness of the world and the darkness within. A correlation. An attraction. Like with everything else, the Universe works by attraction. A person with much darkness inside will attract more darkness, figuratively and literally. These people feel overwhelmed by the darkness. It amplifies the darkness they feel within. I think of people in my own life who struggle with this….and, to a person, they are individuals who either fear introspection entirely….or they are willing to look within, but they cannot accept their own darkness.

NOTE: There are others, a smaller percentage, who love the darkness. They interpret the physical darkness as cover for their internal darkness. They almost love their darkness too much…love to hang out with it…spend time with it. They give it too much reign and let it run the show. They revel in their own darkness. While there is some goodness in that, this too is out of balance. These people are not leaning into their lightness and creating their life from that. Their fascination with their own darkness keeps them stuck.

Spirit was clear that the way forward is to mine your own darkness. Shine the light on it …all of it. When there is less darkness inside, you will be less concerned about the darkness coming….there will be less resonance.

If this is all foreign to you, here are some examples of darkness within: anger/resentment/tears unshed about past events in your life, anger/resentment/tears unshed about relationships in your life, emotions that you can’t rationally explain, feelings of aggression that you would never act on but you have nonetheless, desires that you are not comfortable expressing, dreams that you won’t voice (even to yourself), regrets unresolved, thoughts about hurting yourself or another, things that hurt your feelings and deep vulnerabilities that you barely understand let alone voice….and the like. You get the idea. Many of us can’t even name these things because they are pushed so far down, we don’t think they are present in us…but they are.

So, where are you on this scale? Do you fear your darkness? Do you shine the light on it? For sure, the way to a happier, healthier life is to bring the dark into the light…for in the light there is no dark…and just let it all be. Are you willing?