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Thanksgiving – How Gratitude Empowers Us

Last Sunday, Shine’s Littlest Shaman lesson was on gratitude, in the Spirit of Thanksgiving.  I had tuned into Spirit the day before to get the lesson. What Spirit shared was soooo cool….I just had to share it more broadly.

So, it went something like this:

ME: Kids – why is it important to be grateful?

KIDS: Various typical responses like ‘to appreciate what we have’, ‘to be aware many people don’t have as much’, ‘to be positive’ and the like.

ME: ‘So what? Why does it matter?” (A favorite Shine question.) In response to the puzzled faces, I told the children that when we are grateful, it’s like we are saying to the Universe ‘More of this, please.’   The door is open to the Universe and our gratitude keeps it open. And, when we are sure that more is coming – guess what? We give away what we have. And it feels good. More comes in and more goes out…we are in the flow.   When we are not grateful and we are not sure that more is coming – guess what? We tend to hold onto what we have….we tighten up and wrap our arms around ourselves….and that doesn’t feel very good.

The kids got it!

Now, this is the part that really tickled me. It was one of those magic Spirit messages.   The colors of Thanksgiving are red, orange, yellow….corresponding to our three lower chakras. These are the chakras that need the most soothing…. that need to be know that there is enough of everything, that we will be OK, that Earth is safe, etc.   They are the chakras most fed by, and most in need of, the energy of gratitude.

So, I asked the kids where they feel gratitude in their bodies. All but one child said they feel it in their heart. Spirit knew this would be the answer. So we poured that gratitude energy from our hearts into our hands and then placed it in our Root Chakra…we took some breaths….then we took another ‘helping’ of gratitude energy from our heart and placed in in our Sacral Chakra…and took some more breaths. Lastly, we placed gratitude energy from our Heart into our Solar Plexus. The kids described how they felt. They said COMFORTED, SAFE, RELAXED, CALM, PROTECTED. It was MAGIC. I did the exercise with them and I felt a loosening and relaxing of my middle body.

Oh….and we did a couple ‘plays’ with the words. Thankful = Thank + Full. Literally full of thanks. We brought in the energy of fullness until we felt overflowing. With our arms we brought the energy in ‘from above’ to our crown. We pulled it all the way down and then shot our arms up, overflowing with our fullness. Another one was Thanksgiving = Thanks + Giving. Again, we pulled the energy into our crown and then opened our arms as though we were giving that energy to all our friends. So, first we are thankFULL and then we are so overflowing that we naturally are thanksGIVING.

A bit later, we made what I call ‘Spiritual Art’. We often do that at Shine…. children and adults alike…create art fueled with our intentions. For this class, we created art with only the Thanskgiving colors of red, orange, and yellow (and a bit of brown and black). The idea was to simply express on paper how the energy of gratitude makes you feel…how you feel both when you are grateful and when others are grateful for you. We took a moment to tune into the Universe and feel its appreciation and gratitude for each of us. We let that energy fill us up…and then we created!   Just for fun, at the end, we each took a green marker to add the Heart energy to our picture. Each child took the art home to remind them of their experience…and, of course, I believe, the art carries the vibration of their experience so that vibration is being radiated in their home space as a site here and write. Spiritual Art is a ‘big idea’ to me. Art WILL save the world.

It was so cool… Spirit made this direct connection between our energy field and one of the functions of gratitude. Is it just coincidence that the lower chakras are the colors of Thanksgiving….I dunno. 🙂

Rather than just read this…how about you try it? Move that gratitude energy from your heart to your lower chakras and see how you experience it.   By soothing those chakras we can more quickly move through fear and limitation into our true power and co-create our experience.