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Something Lighter…Where do Trends Come From?

So, this has been rolling around in my head for at least a few years. Where do trends come from? Do they arise from the collective unconscious and someone ‘reads’ that and capitalizes on it by marketing items and ideas that align? Or, is it ‘big brother’ in some way telling us what the trends should be (i.e., what we should think)? I looked into what was behind recent trends and here is what I see….

Pirates – remember a few years ago when pirates were all the rage? The Pirates of the Caribbean series, animated turtles dressed like pirates, the pirate on The Wiggles, Captain Hook in Peter Pan (and, boy, has Peter Pan had a resurgence), Pirate’s Booty popcorn…even the interest in Vikings, who seem like a kind of pirate….and Star Wars with a ‘space pirate’ theme….and more. So, I asked Spirit ‘What up?’ I love this stuff. To most, pirates represent living by your own code, thumbing your nose at the establishment, and a redistribution of wealth (taking from the rich).   There is also an element of freedom…living on the open seas, going where life and opportunity take you. Oh, and a certain element of debauchery – grog, music, food and general mayhem. Anarchy. Carpe diem. My take is that this trend, or theme if you will, was so popular because it resonated on very deep levels with the collective desire for more freedom, holding the establishment accountable, and, yes, redistributing wealth. It also touched on a desire to decide for oneself what is right/wrong and live from that place (vs. being told and fitting into a structure).

Cupcakes – individual servings, piled high with frosting and decoration. Moving from the ‘huge cake’ to a smaller sample of something delectable. They are usually served as a collective (i.e., a dozen cupcakes). The eating and celebrating is done together, but each person’s individuality is observed. Portion size is uniform. There is no arguing about who gets which piece or which part of the frosting….a perfect treat for each person.   We enjoy our individuality and equality within the group. Hmmm….

French – loads of Eiffel Towers, Je t’aime, Bonjour, poodles, macaroons, American Girl Grace….France is everywhere. Do you know that France is the most visited country in the world? This one has many layers. On one hand, France has long been a symbol of love, extreme romance, appreciation of the arts, and appreciation of the finer things in life.  Picture stylishly clad couples on bicycles heading down a country road for a picnic, complete with baguette and wine bottle poking out of their ‘oh so casual’ knapsack. Or, picture a couple walking hand in hand with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Then there is the long and rich history of France. So many stories and landmarks that we all know: Jean Paul Sartre hanging out at the Café de Flore, La Rive Gauche, the locks on Pont des Arts (removed, sadly), Nostradamus, Napoleon Bonaparte, Madame Curie, Coco Chanel, Louis Vitton, Monet and Giverny, all the Kings, the execution of King Louis XVI and Marie-Antionette, Jeanne d’Arc, Chartres Cathedral, Notre Dame, Normandy Memorial, Strasbourg Cathedral, Palace of Versailles, Sacre Couer, the French Riviera, le Louvre, Arc de Triomphe…and the list goes on and on.   I can’t think of another country with such rich and storied history that captures our imagination and was at the heart of so much growth and change…and still seems so beautiful. Then, again, I should just admit that I am a Francophile.

For me, France has a rich and complex history including civil war, the French resistance in WWII and, my favorite, a long and mysterious role protecting teachings about our individual ability to connect with Spirit (vs. needing a Church or intercessor). France had gnostic groups – for example, the Cathars – and was home to lost teachings. Some even say Mary Magdalene lived there after Jesus death. Who is that Black Madonna?

Peacocks!   Much emphasis on the individual. I don’t think it is means to say the individual is better than the collective. It is more about each individual living into their biggest, brightest, most forthright self. Many of our cultures seek to minimize or control the individual. Shining too brightly or too loudly or too, dare I say, confidently, is considered in poor taste. The peacock just is what it is all the time. And it is magnificent! One peacock does not eclipse or cast a shadow on another peacock. They are all magnificent…and a flock of peacock. OMG. Amazing. You wouldn’t dream of telling a peacock to ‘tone it down’ or ‘blend in’.

Connectivity – whether it is internet, text messaging, YouTube videos, FaceTime….more than ever, we are connected to each other. We have faces, names, families and stories. We cannot deny another’s humanity. We can literally look right into their eyes…anywhere on Earth.

Fairies – everywhere! From all the Tinkerbell animated movies to –oh, Peter Pan again – to the recent Cinderella (I actually say ‘Have Courage and Be Kind’ to myself and my children), to the upswing in making fairy house a few years back. Fairies are everywhere. Let’s see…fairies represent a connection to Earth and taking care of the Earth. They are usually shown living in or close to the Earth, connected to animals big and small and generally being peaceful, funny, and light.   They also remind us that magic abounds. There are tiny magical things that happen all day around us, if we have eyes to see.

Mustaches. This one cracks me up. Mustaches are a very specific and broadly acceptable (i.e., non-sexual) representative of the masculine. Men have mustaches; women don’t.   The mustache motif has been playful…a gentle, light laughing at the masculine. Not the true masculine – the true masculine and the true feminine have integrity and power – the most power when they are in balance. This is about the exaggerated masculine, the masculine stereotype, the masculine out of balance. It is not mean or cutting – just a sort of ‘hee hee, the masculine is not so powerful’. See? We put it on bikinis, dish towels, coffee mugs, tote bags, baby onesies….silly things that don’t matter…and almost all worn or used by women.

2016 Pantone colors – Rose Quartz (light pink) and Serenity (light blue). Pretty straightforward. You can read about it. These colors, pink and blue, are typically thought to represent the masculine and feminine. For 2016, Pantone chose two colors for the first time ever…and showed them as a continuum….one bleeding into the other. Guess what is in the middle where the two overlap? Lavender. So relaxing. Masculine and feminine both represented individually and in perfect balance, with a calm lavender where they join. Mmmmm….that sounds pretty nice.

I could go on….and maybe I will some day.  J   So, my ‘take’ is that intuitives, who may not even knowing they are being intuitive, ‘read’ the collective unconscious – the unseen – and then produce merchandise and messages that are tangible, 3D representations of the collective unconsciousness…to help bring it into consciousness.  It helps drive the message home, communicate with those who may not yet be onboard and fuels and grows the ideas in our actual 3D experience.

Everything exists in the energy first. Whether you think of it as universal energy, your own thought energy, thought before matter…. you get the idea. But when we bring it into actual 3D experience – that is when it is most powerful.   That is largely why we are here. To learn how to create. To ‘think’ about what we want, join our thought energy with others in affinity in that time/space with our thought, and turn those thoughts into the reality we experience….ultimately, growing and expanding it. So, be mindful what you think. Oh, we are here for that, and to learn to create from our hearts. Easy, right?