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Making Choices? Let Go and Lean In.

Making Choices

Practical Fairy and LightEyes can really struggle with making choices. They are always afraid of what they are missing. LightEyes is more likely to keep changing his mind and get stressed out. PracticalFairy will make a decision, but then cry later when she realizes she couldn’t do two things at once.   I have seen a couple of their friends struggle with the same thing..wanting to be in two places at once. So, one night at bedtime, I worked with PracticalFairy on how to make this easier for her. I got a great image from Spirit for her. It is so simple and yet so helpful.

Feel into your heart and make your choice.  (If it helps, remind yourself that you have laready had many lives on Earth and many more choices coming. Don’t let the choice have so much power. There is a abundance of opportunities and choices every day.)   Cut the energetic ties to the other possibilities and watch them float away. Lean fully into the choice you have made….pull the energy of your choice into you.   Give yourself permission to fully embrace the decision you have made…throw yourself into it.

It is that simple. Doing the energetic work makes such a difference. I have seen PracticalFairy and LightEyes both do it…and it really helps. And, I realized, is just as beneficial for grown-ups. When we hold onto the path not chosen, overthink it, second-guess ourselves, then we are in the way of the choice that we have made.   We are less able to live fully into the decision we have made…we interrupt the full flow of experience and support for the decision we have made. In short, we are straddling options because our mind is still on the path not taken….and do we are divided within and the energy flows every whichway.

Give it a try…it is very free-ing. And the choices that we make become brighter and more empowered and more supported…and more fun!