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Live Free or Die

So, I just spent a week in New Hampshire. Every time I cross the border from Massachusetts to New Hampshire and read the sign ‘Welcome to New Hampshire – Live Free or Die’ I feel SO MUCH BETTER!  I breathe easier; sometimes I tear up.  I feel little bubbles of excitement in my solar plexus.  No surprise that I like to vacation in a state with that motto.  It suits me.

Even as I see all the motorcyclers without their helmets, I feel a small thrill – I am happy for them. Now, let me be clear on that. I think they are beyond risk-taking to ride their motorcycles without a helmet and I would never do that…but I love that they can make that choice for themselves. And, they look pretty darn happy with the wind blowing their hair back.

I have known for a few years now that I am a spiritual ‘Freedom Fighter’. It is part of my essence. We all come from different places with different core missions – and freedom is definitely part of my blueprint. In pure 3D terms, I could phrase it that I want to be directed by myself – my own connection – and want to heal or shed any influences, subconscious and conscious, internal and external, that make me choose for any reason that is not in alignment with my true self.  I also want to help others do the same and, in that way, create a truly free world.  My view is that we are all here to learn how to live into our true self.  Anything that keeps us small or limited, is not our true self. That is something else.

In more expanded terms, I could say I want to heal or shed, past experiences that live inside my body or energy, any need for karmic balancing, any form of attachment, any self-doubt or self-punishment, anything that is fear-driven rather than love-driven….even any form of attachment to spiritual constructs that are not true, or no longer true.

Here is what I find: While many of us long for freedom, it is scarier than we think.  Every little step toward freedom  usually involves conquering a demon, mostly figurative and mostly of our own making.  See, structures are funny things….we push against them, except for when we are leaning on them. Or, clinging to them with all of our might.  They are all that we know and we flat don’t know what or who we are without them.   Who would we blame for everything if we really were free to create and live within our own creation.  OH, wait a minute, we are! We are free to create and to live within our own creation…in fact, that is what we are doing…all the time…we just don’t all know that. Don’t doubt it – you are living in your own creation. What we haven’t been, is free within ourselves to create from our true self.  Our limits are so hardwired into us and the systems of our life, that it is very difficult for us to shed them.  We can’t see them. We are so enmeshed with them that they feel like part of our true selves. But they are not.

Let’s start just a tiny bit smaller. To even contemplate being truly free means – guess what – we must be willing to be fully responsible for ourselves.  We must own every choice….every little one.  Our society is such one of blame…redirection…more blame.  We rationalize our choices…many of us put our lightning-quick minds to work rationalizing our choices so fast that we don’t even know we are doing it.  We have barely made a choice that we know isn’t our best choice and we’ve built the case for it and have it ready just in case anyone should ask …though we will do our best to avoid anyone seeing our ‘bad’ choice or asking us about it.  That, my friends, is not self-responsibility.  That is avoiding responsibility and making ‘the person asking’ the holder of our accountability.  Who wants that?  That kind of thinking is what creates a ‘Big Brother’…because we behave as though we need one.

Even the more evolved people indirectly blame. We may have taken the fervor and anger out of it, but we are still blaming.  Still pointing to this person who hurt us, this parent who hurt us, that time we were scared long ago…and on and on.  Recognizing and addressing an impact is one thing – a productive thing.  Repeatedly pointing to a cause without addressing it, starts to smell a lot like blame.  I am rambling a bit…let’s pull it together.


Forever Recognize Earth Experience is Directly Our Manifestation.

  1. Be willing to be responsible for yourself. Take charge of your inner and outer world. No blame, no redirection to anyone or anything else.   Know deeply that you are creating every moment and living within your own creation.  So, if you don’t like what you are experiencing, the only way to change that is to create something else. And that starts with you.
  2. Be FREE of the desire to DOMinate. Truly allowing yourself to be free means also allowing every other being to be free – free to make mistakes, free to experiment with ideas and free to live and create as they see fit. You don’t know where each being is on their own path to evolution.  Stop judging and give the freedom that you so much wish to receive. Also notice how much positive, creative space you free up within yourself if you stop thinking about what other people or organizations should do. Just do you.
  3. Be FREED to OM. Connect with Universal energy as you understand it; freely and often. I like this one because it is not prescriptive nor structured….it is a simple enough direction and you are in charge of whether or not you do it.  Be freed…whether freed of others or of your own self-limiting choices… to connect with universal energy.

I think there is more coming on FREEDOM. And, maybe we’ll get to the ‘OR DIE’ part later too.