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Christmas Colors – How Green and Red Can Help Us Have a Happy, Fulfilling Holiday Season

Building on the Thanksgiving theme, this past Sunday we worked with the traditional colors of Christmas – you got it – green and red. Christmas is a time of opening our heart …of giving and receiving….of being in the flow. It can also be a time of crazy, frenetic running around….of feeling ungrounded and overwhelmed. So, here are a few ways we can use the Christmas colors to support us in having a fulfilling, calm and abundant Christmas season.

Imagine if every time you saw a Christmas tree or some greens or any other green decorations and ornaments that you acknowledged that green heart energy and welcomed it into your heart – literally food for the heart!  I’ve written in the past about the effect of being in a forest on the heart. All the greens in nature – the grass, the leaves, the evergreens – they ease the heart. Christmas green is the same. And there is lots of it.

And then imagine further if whenever you saw red you fed your root chakra. There are two things happening: 1) soothing that root chakra that can be a source of ‘worry’ energy – Is there enough? Am I enough? Am I going to be OK?  2) to bringing something into manifestation – literally, into reality here on Earth. Whatever we want must be brought down through our energy system and rooted to the Earth. And, seriously, if you want that special Christmas present, bring that energy into your root.

What could be more simple?   Put those colors to work for you. All it takes is awareness and intention. Set the intention to use Christmas green and red to feed your energy system…and have the mindfulness to remember to do it…to recharge your intention….and to breathe into your heart and root and see how they feel.

To me, these messages are indicators of the magic in the Universe. How is it possible that Thanksgiving and Christmas colors have such perfect meaning for the respective holidays….and that we can put them to use to empower us and create happy, fulfilling lives.