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Buddha – If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.

Remember, part of my role here is reinterpresting the Buddha for current times.  So…

My personal relationships have often suffered from my Truth see-ing. Lately, it is coming up again. I checked in with Spirit today to see if there was something different I needed to do. Spirit said: You are a Truth Seeker and Truth See-er. It is what makes you a good healer and coach. The more deeply you know who and what you are, the more you will bring into your personal relationships people who also resonate with the Truth…people who are comfortable in it rather than afraid of it.   Spirit said that everyone has different gifts and different ways that they serve the whole. Mine is to be a Truth Seeker, See-er ….oh, and the most difficult one …Truth Say-er.

It has been ‘a problem’ since I was a child. I saw deeply into what was really happening…why people were doing what they were doing…why there were feeling how they were feeling…and knew what they didn’t know themselves or were unwilling to say. As a child, I had no filter…I just called it like I saw it. And spent many hours in my room where I’d been sent by FrustratedHealer because I made her or someone else uncomfortable. I would be frustrated and bewildered. I just didn’t understand that everyone did not see the Truth. As I grew, I put some skills and sensitivity around how and when to deliver the Truth (than God!). Relationships where Truth was not welcome, however, did not interest me much.

MindMan and I recently had a conflict where he wanted to deliver ‘brutal truth’ to me. He said it was the test of our friendship how we dealt with communicating ‘brutal truth’. I remember that day feeling put off by the term…why does the Truth have to be brutal? Shouldn’t Truth have love and compassion attached to it? They very idea that the Truth needed to be brutal to actually be Truth just did not resonate with me. I see now that I would call that a masculine view of Truth. It must be brutal. And, for people who are uncomfortable with Truth or not used to living in Truth, let alone speaking it, I guess it could be brutal. Brutal because the Truth can cut through our walls, protections and ways of being that keep us safe and comfortable…straight to our unguarded heart and our vulnerabilities…and, yes, I totally get that that can feel brutal.  However, I have seen over and over again the power of Truth delivered in love and compassion – that is life changing.

Anyway, Truth is something you know…deep within…and is always connected to your heart. Truth is not 3D facts…truth is not even memories. Truth is the entire gestalt of what it all means …the good, the bad, the ugly, the facts, the feelings, the karmic interplay, the Soul interplay, the combination of all the energies involved…all of it. THAT is the Truth. While that sounds complicated, the Truth is often simple.   Truth is feeling-based; but, like so much in our world, Truth has been made factual, codified. ‘Do you swear to tell the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth?’   We’ve all seen this on TV shows and movies and the Truth is a recitation of 3D facts. In fact, there is no allowance for what was known or felt. Think about it….if I was on trial for hurting a man who was about to shoot my child…there would be no Truth that allowed for my knowing, my intuition, etc.   I KNEW he was going to shoot my child  so I intervened.  However, since I can’t prove it that on a 3D level, I am the guilty party. I digress, but do you get it?

So, back to the Buddha’s quote. He is saying the Truth is not a remembered ‘ thing’. You can’t remember the Truth. It just is. Whatever is true, is the Truth. If you have to remember, keep your facts straight, keep scratching your head because you don’t remember…then you can know for sure that the Truth does not lie in the remembering.

So, noodle on that folks.   How deeply do you know your own Truth? How deeply do you know yourself? How comfortable/uncomfortable are you when someone shines the light on you and wants to know your Truth.   How many stories, layers, and protections stand between you and your Truth?   It will be an easier world to live in when we all live in Truth. And, remember what I’ve said before…we are going to a fully telepathic race….the Truth will be known to all.   We are in the process of building our muscles so that we can live in that kind of open-heartedness and vulnerability….as well as live in compassion for each persons’ Truth.  Imagine that every passing person could immediately see your deepest secrets, shames and vulnerabilities!   Don’t worry….we are not there yet and we will all be dead before that happens.  🙂   We are on that continuum.   You can co-create the knowing of your own Truth with Spirit or you can resist it. Either way, you will come to know your own Truth…it is just a matter of how much pain and struggle you choose to have in the knowing.

Oh, and a last, last thing. The ability and willingness to know your own Truth directly relates to your ability to love and accept yourself. If you are afraid of what is ‘in there’ you will continue to resist your own Truth. If you can love and accept yourself, than the Truth is not so scary.