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Live Free or Die

So, I just spent a week in New Hampshire. Every time I cross the border from Massachusetts to New Hampshire and read the sign ‘Welcome to New Hampshire – Live Free or Die’ I feel SO MUCH BETTER!  I breathe easier; sometimes I tear up.  I feel little bubbles of excitement in my solar plexus.  No surprise that I like to vacation in a state with that motto.  It suits me.

Even as I see all the motorcyclers without their helmets, I feel a small thrill – I am happy for them. Now, let me be clear on that. I think they are beyond risk-taking to ride their motorcycles without a helmet and I would never do that…but I love that they can make that choice for themselves. And, they look pretty darn happy with the wind blowing their hair back.

I have known for a few years now that I am a spiritual ‘Freedom Fighter’. It is part of my essence. We all come from different places with different core missions – and freedom is definitely part of my blueprint. In pure 3D terms, I could phrase it that I want to be directed by myself – my own connection – and want to heal or shed any influences, subconscious and conscious, internal and external, that make me choose for any reason that is not in alignment with my true self.  I also want to help others do the same and, in that way, create a truly free world.  My view is that we are all here to learn how to live into our true self.  Anything that keeps us small or limited, is not our true self. That is something else.

In more expanded terms, I could say I want to heal or shed, past experiences that live inside my body or energy, any need for karmic balancing, any form of attachment, any self-doubt or self-punishment, anything that is fear-driven rather than love-driven….even any form of attachment to spiritual constructs that are not true, or no longer true.

Here is what I find: While many of us long for freedom, it is scarier than we think.  Every little step toward freedom  usually involves conquering a demon, mostly figurative and mostly of our own making.  See, structures are funny things….we push against them, except for when we are leaning on them. Or, clinging to them with all of our might.  They are all that we know and we flat don’t know what or who we are without them.   Who would we blame for everything if we really were free to create and live within our own creation.  OH, wait a minute, we are! We are free to create and to live within our own creation…in fact, that is what we are doing…all the time…we just don’t all know that. Don’t doubt it – you are living in your own creation. What we haven’t been, is free within ourselves to create from our true self.  Our limits are so hardwired into us and the systems of our life, that it is very difficult for us to shed them.  We can’t see them. We are so enmeshed with them that they feel like part of our true selves. But they are not.

Let’s start just a tiny bit smaller. To even contemplate being truly free means – guess what – we must be willing to be fully responsible for ourselves.  We must own every choice….every little one.  Our society is such one of blame…redirection…more blame.  We rationalize our choices…many of us put our lightning-quick minds to work rationalizing our choices so fast that we don’t even know we are doing it.  We have barely made a choice that we know isn’t our best choice and we’ve built the case for it and have it ready just in case anyone should ask …though we will do our best to avoid anyone seeing our ‘bad’ choice or asking us about it.  That, my friends, is not self-responsibility.  That is avoiding responsibility and making ‘the person asking’ the holder of our accountability.  Who wants that?  That kind of thinking is what creates a ‘Big Brother’…because we behave as though we need one.

Even the more evolved people indirectly blame. We may have taken the fervor and anger out of it, but we are still blaming.  Still pointing to this person who hurt us, this parent who hurt us, that time we were scared long ago…and on and on.  Recognizing and addressing an impact is one thing – a productive thing.  Repeatedly pointing to a cause without addressing it, starts to smell a lot like blame.  I am rambling a bit…let’s pull it together.


Forever Recognize Earth Experience is Directly Our Manifestation.

  1. Be willing to be responsible for yourself. Take charge of your inner and outer world. No blame, no redirection to anyone or anything else.   Know deeply that you are creating every moment and living within your own creation.  So, if you don’t like what you are experiencing, the only way to change that is to create something else. And that starts with you.
  2. Be FREE of the desire to DOMinate. Truly allowing yourself to be free means also allowing every other being to be free – free to make mistakes, free to experiment with ideas and free to live and create as they see fit. You don’t know where each being is on their own path to evolution.  Stop judging and give the freedom that you so much wish to receive. Also notice how much positive, creative space you free up within yourself if you stop thinking about what other people or organizations should do. Just do you.
  3. Be FREED to OM. Connect with Universal energy as you understand it; freely and often. I like this one because it is not prescriptive nor structured….it is a simple enough direction and you are in charge of whether or not you do it.  Be freed…whether freed of others or of your own self-limiting choices… to connect with universal energy.

I think there is more coming on FREEDOM. And, maybe we’ll get to the ‘OR DIE’ part later too.

Something Lighter…Where do Trends Come From?

So, this has been rolling around in my head for at least a few years. Where do trends come from? Do they arise from the collective unconscious and someone ‘reads’ that and capitalizes on it by marketing items and ideas that align? Or, is it ‘big brother’ in some way telling us what the trends should be (i.e., what we should think)? I looked into what was behind recent trends and here is what I see….

Pirates – remember a few years ago when pirates were all the rage? The Pirates of the Caribbean series, animated turtles dressed like pirates, the pirate on The Wiggles, Captain Hook in Peter Pan (and, boy, has Peter Pan had a resurgence), Pirate’s Booty popcorn…even the interest in Vikings, who seem like a kind of pirate….and Star Wars with a ‘space pirate’ theme….and more. So, I asked Spirit ‘What up?’ I love this stuff. To most, pirates represent living by your own code, thumbing your nose at the establishment, and a redistribution of wealth (taking from the rich).   There is also an element of freedom…living on the open seas, going where life and opportunity take you. Oh, and a certain element of debauchery – grog, music, food and general mayhem. Anarchy. Carpe diem. My take is that this trend, or theme if you will, was so popular because it resonated on very deep levels with the collective desire for more freedom, holding the establishment accountable, and, yes, redistributing wealth. It also touched on a desire to decide for oneself what is right/wrong and live from that place (vs. being told and fitting into a structure).

Cupcakes – individual servings, piled high with frosting and decoration. Moving from the ‘huge cake’ to a smaller sample of something delectable. They are usually served as a collective (i.e., a dozen cupcakes). The eating and celebrating is done together, but each person’s individuality is observed. Portion size is uniform. There is no arguing about who gets which piece or which part of the frosting….a perfect treat for each person.   We enjoy our individuality and equality within the group. Hmmm….

French – loads of Eiffel Towers, Je t’aime, Bonjour, poodles, macaroons, American Girl Grace….France is everywhere. Do you know that France is the most visited country in the world? This one has many layers. On one hand, France has long been a symbol of love, extreme romance, appreciation of the arts, and appreciation of the finer things in life.  Picture stylishly clad couples on bicycles heading down a country road for a picnic, complete with baguette and wine bottle poking out of their ‘oh so casual’ knapsack. Or, picture a couple walking hand in hand with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Then there is the long and rich history of France. So many stories and landmarks that we all know: Jean Paul Sartre hanging out at the Café de Flore, La Rive Gauche, the locks on Pont des Arts (removed, sadly), Nostradamus, Napoleon Bonaparte, Madame Curie, Coco Chanel, Louis Vitton, Monet and Giverny, all the Kings, the execution of King Louis XVI and Marie-Antionette, Jeanne d’Arc, Chartres Cathedral, Notre Dame, Normandy Memorial, Strasbourg Cathedral, Palace of Versailles, Sacre Couer, the French Riviera, le Louvre, Arc de Triomphe…and the list goes on and on.   I can’t think of another country with such rich and storied history that captures our imagination and was at the heart of so much growth and change…and still seems so beautiful. Then, again, I should just admit that I am a Francophile.

For me, France has a rich and complex history including civil war, the French resistance in WWII and, my favorite, a long and mysterious role protecting teachings about our individual ability to connect with Spirit (vs. needing a Church or intercessor). France had gnostic groups – for example, the Cathars – and was home to lost teachings. Some even say Mary Magdalene lived there after Jesus death. Who is that Black Madonna?

Peacocks!   Much emphasis on the individual. I don’t think it is means to say the individual is better than the collective. It is more about each individual living into their biggest, brightest, most forthright self. Many of our cultures seek to minimize or control the individual. Shining too brightly or too loudly or too, dare I say, confidently, is considered in poor taste. The peacock just is what it is all the time. And it is magnificent! One peacock does not eclipse or cast a shadow on another peacock. They are all magnificent…and a flock of peacock. OMG. Amazing. You wouldn’t dream of telling a peacock to ‘tone it down’ or ‘blend in’.

Connectivity – whether it is internet, text messaging, YouTube videos, FaceTime….more than ever, we are connected to each other. We have faces, names, families and stories. We cannot deny another’s humanity. We can literally look right into their eyes…anywhere on Earth.

Fairies – everywhere! From all the Tinkerbell animated movies to –oh, Peter Pan again – to the recent Cinderella (I actually say ‘Have Courage and Be Kind’ to myself and my children), to the upswing in making fairy house a few years back. Fairies are everywhere. Let’s see…fairies represent a connection to Earth and taking care of the Earth. They are usually shown living in or close to the Earth, connected to animals big and small and generally being peaceful, funny, and light.   They also remind us that magic abounds. There are tiny magical things that happen all day around us, if we have eyes to see.

Mustaches. This one cracks me up. Mustaches are a very specific and broadly acceptable (i.e., non-sexual) representative of the masculine. Men have mustaches; women don’t.   The mustache motif has been playful…a gentle, light laughing at the masculine. Not the true masculine – the true masculine and the true feminine have integrity and power – the most power when they are in balance. This is about the exaggerated masculine, the masculine stereotype, the masculine out of balance. It is not mean or cutting – just a sort of ‘hee hee, the masculine is not so powerful’. See? We put it on bikinis, dish towels, coffee mugs, tote bags, baby onesies….silly things that don’t matter…and almost all worn or used by women.

2016 Pantone colors – Rose Quartz (light pink) and Serenity (light blue). Pretty straightforward. You can read about it. These colors, pink and blue, are typically thought to represent the masculine and feminine. For 2016, Pantone chose two colors for the first time ever…and showed them as a continuum….one bleeding into the other. Guess what is in the middle where the two overlap? Lavender. So relaxing. Masculine and feminine both represented individually and in perfect balance, with a calm lavender where they join. Mmmmm….that sounds pretty nice.

I could go on….and maybe I will some day.  J   So, my ‘take’ is that intuitives, who may not even knowing they are being intuitive, ‘read’ the collective unconscious – the unseen – and then produce merchandise and messages that are tangible, 3D representations of the collective unconsciousness…to help bring it into consciousness.  It helps drive the message home, communicate with those who may not yet be onboard and fuels and grows the ideas in our actual 3D experience.

Everything exists in the energy first. Whether you think of it as universal energy, your own thought energy, thought before matter…. you get the idea. But when we bring it into actual 3D experience – that is when it is most powerful.   That is largely why we are here. To learn how to create. To ‘think’ about what we want, join our thought energy with others in affinity in that time/space with our thought, and turn those thoughts into the reality we experience….ultimately, growing and expanding it. So, be mindful what you think. Oh, we are here for that, and to learn to create from our hearts. Easy, right?

Integrating Work and Home

I have been pondering integration in so many different ways the last two years. Spirit says to me ‘integration, integration, integration’ and it often comes up in sessions I do with others. It’s all about having access to all parts of yourself, not shunning or denying any parts, claiming your gifts, owning your greatness and accepting all of yourself…it is about being at choice.  It is also about knowing deeply that we are all one, so whatever gifts and talents you see ‘out there’ in the world, are also part of you….and so are the shadows. And it is all good.

My latest integration lens is around my consulting work and family life. I have a 25-year environmental consulting career. I am lucky enough to be a teleworker, meaning I work from my house, for a global organization that I deeply respect…and am very grateful to work for. Because I touch project teams all over the world, my day can span much more than a typical 8 hours. I also have three children I adore…with all the wants and needs of children age 5-11. Since I have worked from home for years, I have had plenty of opportunities to consider what is appropriate work/life balance….what message does it send the kids when I am emailing or texting while also making dinner and hearing about their day. I often check my email on my phone before even putting my feet on the floor in the morning…and it is usually the last thing I check at night.

I have turned this around in all different ways in my mind…sometimes thinking I am a fabulous multi-tasker and sometimes thinking I am the worst mother on Earth. Mostly, though, I try to think about why I am doing what I am doing when I am doing it…as opposed to just reacting to the triggers in my life. I was raised in a traditional home where, early in my life, my father worked and my mother was home. When dad got home from work there was no work talk nor phone calls nor paperwork….Dad never ‘brought work home’. That was considered inappropriate. There was a clear division between work and home life. I often hear people talk about ‘not talking about work’ in this or that setting…even though it is clear that people often want to talk about their work.

Here is where I am landing (for now!)…and it is pretty exciting to me. If I am truly integrated in this arena, there is no need to draw lines and boundaries. I AM all these things…and more. And I can live in the flow of whatever is happening. There is no time that I stop being a consultant and start being a mother…and no time that I stop being a mother, for sure. I AM WHAT I AM…all the time.  Somehow, that perspective is helpful…and very different from the messaging I have heard most of my life.

I think of an artist. An artist doesn’t stop being an artist ‘after 5 o’clock.’ The very idea that they would stop the flow of creativity, stop applying creativity to all aspects of life, is absurd…and certainly wouldn’t make for a better world. A healer can’t stop being a healer because they are technically ‘off the clock’. Then it occurred to me — artists and healers are people who love their jobs! They are not trying to get way from them….to turn them off…their jobs are an expression of who they are. Hmmm…now I am really getting excited. So, if I am in a job that I love, somehow it seems completely natural to let that flow into my entire life. Perhaps this whole need to compartmentalize work was because people were doing jobs they didn’t like. And, of course, while this belief about work needing to ‘stay at work’ was developing, the workforce was mostly men…and it is very male to compartmentalize, divide, draw boundaries, etc.

All this is pointing me to a few things: 1) I want to have a job I love enough that I am happy for it to spill over into all of my life 2) If I don’t have that job, I need to change my relationship to the job I have or get a new job! 3) I can free up all that mental space second-guessing myself, asking if I am a good worker/a good mother and just let it flow as it does.

NOTE: While integrating these aspects of my life is very helpful to me, and seems like another stop on the continuum to being a fully integrated person, I still need to ensure that I am consciously choosing where I put my focus moment to moment. Integrating my consulting work and my home life, does not mean that I want to be responding to a non-time-critical email while my daughter its telling me about Peter Pan play practice. On the other hand, if a critical work need arises in the evening, I need to tell my kids that I need AND WANT to respond. Similarly, if I am on a work call and one of the kids need to ask me a question, I can simply ask the work call to hold a minute. I am at choice, always…no one is ‘making’ me do anything. Where I choose to put my attention is a reflection of me . I need to make sure I stay in my power, moment by moment…and do not just react to circumstances around me. THAT is a different post.


The Truth Can Hurt…But It Doesn’t Have To

This is so big in my life right now. SoulSpark and I have a close relationship. We share lots of our lives, our healing, our meditations, our sorrows and joys. Here’s the thing: we have frequent conflicts over the Truth. He doesn’t seem to know what his Truth is….most of the time. And, if he is pressed for ‘the Truth’, he searches his mind…not his heart. He imagines what truth would make sense. He thinks about what most people might say. He thinks about what truth will work for the person/people he is talking to. The trouble is that none of that is his Truth.

Over and over again we go through this cycle of me wanting the Truth, him getting lost or confused in the looking for Truth, usually an unhelpful and often hurtful truth is shared ….that causes many ripples in the field. And, at the end of a long and arduous truth-seeking process, we finally work through all of his mental and emotional barriers and blocks and get to his heartfelt truth….which is always OK for both of us.

It has often seemed mean-spirited and designed to be hurtful – his sharing of the truth. He flings some hurtful information at me with a ‘Fine, you want the truth. Here it is.’   And it is designed to hurt. And it does. Trouble is that it isn’t the truth. It is more defense.

So, I took all this to Spirit. I asked what was going on with this…it seems so hard, hurtful, and sad. I was really asking what I need to do differently. Spirit said I didn’t need to do anything differently. Here is what Spirit said:

You are a truth seeker and truth see-er. You need to fully own that essence of yourself and make peace with it. It is what makes you a good healer and coach. You see to the heart of the matter and help others see and own their own Truth. It saves much time and spinning around in confusion and stories. You have been that way since you were a child. It can make for discomfort in your personal relationships because people don’t always want to know – and certainly not live in – the Truth.  I said to Spirit that it can be lonely. Spirit said as you come to more deeply know who and what you are, you will attract more people who want to live in that Truth….who are seeking it themselves and who resonate with the energy of Truth, without being afraid of it.

See, SoulSpark is afraid of the Truth. He doesn’t know his own Truth, which can be scary for him… and me. And, when he gets scared, he is resentful that I am pushing for Truth and so he flings a hurtful facsimile of truth at me….to prove that the Truth is bad.

I understand deeply what is happening…but that doesn’t make it not hurt.

SiriusSister stopped speaking to me months and months ago and I knew then – and know more deeply now – that it is because she knew that I could see the Truth…and that was too uncomfortable. So be it.

With SoulSpark, though, our relationship is built on Truth. It must be. There is no other way for us. Which can be challenging. I realize now, more than I ever have, that we are in each other’s lives to bring Truth to Earth….and, like all things, it starts within. It’s another way of saying that we are here to help ourselves and others light up the shadows  within…live into  the light in an authentic and self-accepting way.  We can’t bring anything to Earth that we don’t first embody. We are heading to the time when people will generally be telepathic and there are no secrets. To get ready to live in all that knowing, we all need to flex our Truth muscles. If we are afraid of our own Truth, how will it be for us when the whole world can see it?  As PracticalFairy would say….awwkkkwwaarrddd.

Word to the wise – know your own Truth.   If you don’t know it, make it a priority to find it. Knowing your own Truth is empowering. When you know your own Truth, what others think or want of you is less important. And, because you are comfortable with your Truth, it is easier to respond to their wants of you with compassion rather than frustration or anger…all the while standing in your Truth. It is worth the investment. It is free-ing.   Hmmmm….this circles right back to one of my core beliefs – and one that we teach at Shine – our primary ‘job’ on Earth is to know who and what we are….and create our lives from that knowing.

As always, hold it lightly…ask for help…ask for ease. But, do it!

Christmas Colors – How Green and Red Can Help Us Have a Happy, Fulfilling Holiday Season

Building on the Thanksgiving theme, this past Sunday we worked with the traditional colors of Christmas – you got it – green and red. Christmas is a time of opening our heart …of giving and receiving….of being in the flow. It can also be a time of crazy, frenetic running around….of feeling ungrounded and overwhelmed. So, here are a few ways we can use the Christmas colors to support us in having a fulfilling, calm and abundant Christmas season.

Imagine if every time you saw a Christmas tree or some greens or any other green decorations and ornaments that you acknowledged that green heart energy and welcomed it into your heart – literally food for the heart!  I’ve written in the past about the effect of being in a forest on the heart. All the greens in nature – the grass, the leaves, the evergreens – they ease the heart. Christmas green is the same. And there is lots of it.

And then imagine further if whenever you saw red you fed your root chakra. There are two things happening: 1) soothing that root chakra that can be a source of ‘worry’ energy – Is there enough? Am I enough? Am I going to be OK?  2) to bringing something into manifestation – literally, into reality here on Earth. Whatever we want must be brought down through our energy system and rooted to the Earth. And, seriously, if you want that special Christmas present, bring that energy into your root.

What could be more simple?   Put those colors to work for you. All it takes is awareness and intention. Set the intention to use Christmas green and red to feed your energy system…and have the mindfulness to remember to do it…to recharge your intention….and to breathe into your heart and root and see how they feel.

To me, these messages are indicators of the magic in the Universe. How is it possible that Thanksgiving and Christmas colors have such perfect meaning for the respective holidays….and that we can put them to use to empower us and create happy, fulfilling lives.

Thanksgiving – How Gratitude Empowers Us

Last Sunday, Shine’s Littlest Shaman lesson was on gratitude, in the Spirit of Thanksgiving.  I had tuned into Spirit the day before to get the lesson. What Spirit shared was soooo cool….I just had to share it more broadly.

So, it went something like this:

ME: Kids – why is it important to be grateful?

KIDS: Various typical responses like ‘to appreciate what we have’, ‘to be aware many people don’t have as much’, ‘to be positive’ and the like.

ME: ‘So what? Why does it matter?” (A favorite Shine question.) In response to the puzzled faces, I told the children that when we are grateful, it’s like we are saying to the Universe ‘More of this, please.’   The door is open to the Universe and our gratitude keeps it open. And, when we are sure that more is coming – guess what? We give away what we have. And it feels good. More comes in and more goes out…we are in the flow.   When we are not grateful and we are not sure that more is coming – guess what? We tend to hold onto what we have….we tighten up and wrap our arms around ourselves….and that doesn’t feel very good.

The kids got it!

Now, this is the part that really tickled me. It was one of those magic Spirit messages.   The colors of Thanksgiving are red, orange, yellow….corresponding to our three lower chakras. These are the chakras that need the most soothing…. that need to be know that there is enough of everything, that we will be OK, that Earth is safe, etc.   They are the chakras most fed by, and most in need of, the energy of gratitude.

So, I asked the kids where they feel gratitude in their bodies. All but one child said they feel it in their heart. Spirit knew this would be the answer. So we poured that gratitude energy from our hearts into our hands and then placed it in our Root Chakra…we took some breaths….then we took another ‘helping’ of gratitude energy from our heart and placed in in our Sacral Chakra…and took some more breaths. Lastly, we placed gratitude energy from our Heart into our Solar Plexus. The kids described how they felt. They said COMFORTED, SAFE, RELAXED, CALM, PROTECTED. It was MAGIC. I did the exercise with them and I felt a loosening and relaxing of my middle body.

Oh….and we did a couple ‘plays’ with the words. Thankful = Thank + Full. Literally full of thanks. We brought in the energy of fullness until we felt overflowing. With our arms we brought the energy in ‘from above’ to our crown. We pulled it all the way down and then shot our arms up, overflowing with our fullness. Another one was Thanksgiving = Thanks + Giving. Again, we pulled the energy into our crown and then opened our arms as though we were giving that energy to all our friends. So, first we are thankFULL and then we are so overflowing that we naturally are thanksGIVING.

A bit later, we made what I call ‘Spiritual Art’. We often do that at Shine…. children and adults alike…create art fueled with our intentions. For this class, we created art with only the Thanskgiving colors of red, orange, and yellow (and a bit of brown and black). The idea was to simply express on paper how the energy of gratitude makes you feel…how you feel both when you are grateful and when others are grateful for you. We took a moment to tune into the Universe and feel its appreciation and gratitude for each of us. We let that energy fill us up…and then we created!   Just for fun, at the end, we each took a green marker to add the Heart energy to our picture. Each child took the art home to remind them of their experience…and, of course, I believe, the art carries the vibration of their experience so that vibration is being radiated in their home space as a site here and write. Spiritual Art is a ‘big idea’ to me. Art WILL save the world.

It was so cool… Spirit made this direct connection between our energy field and one of the functions of gratitude. Is it just coincidence that the lower chakras are the colors of Thanksgiving….I dunno. 🙂

Rather than just read this…how about you try it? Move that gratitude energy from your heart to your lower chakras and see how you experience it.   By soothing those chakras we can more quickly move through fear and limitation into our true power and co-create our experience.



Making Choices? Let Go and Lean In.

Making Choices

Practical Fairy and LightEyes can really struggle with making choices. They are always afraid of what they are missing. LightEyes is more likely to keep changing his mind and get stressed out. PracticalFairy will make a decision, but then cry later when she realizes she couldn’t do two things at once.   I have seen a couple of their friends struggle with the same thing..wanting to be in two places at once. So, one night at bedtime, I worked with PracticalFairy on how to make this easier for her. I got a great image from Spirit for her. It is so simple and yet so helpful.

Feel into your heart and make your choice.  (If it helps, remind yourself that you have laready had many lives on Earth and many more choices coming. Don’t let the choice have so much power. There is a abundance of opportunities and choices every day.)   Cut the energetic ties to the other possibilities and watch them float away. Lean fully into the choice you have made….pull the energy of your choice into you.   Give yourself permission to fully embrace the decision you have made…throw yourself into it.

It is that simple. Doing the energetic work makes such a difference. I have seen PracticalFairy and LightEyes both do it…and it really helps. And, I realized, is just as beneficial for grown-ups. When we hold onto the path not chosen, overthink it, second-guess ourselves, then we are in the way of the choice that we have made.   We are less able to live fully into the decision we have made…we interrupt the full flow of experience and support for the decision we have made. In short, we are straddling options because our mind is still on the path not taken….and do we are divided within and the energy flows every whichway.

Give it a try…it is very free-ing. And the choices that we make become brighter and more empowered and more supported…and more fun!

Buddha – If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.

Remember, part of my role here is reinterpresting the Buddha for current times.  So…

My personal relationships have often suffered from my Truth see-ing. Lately, it is coming up again. I checked in with Spirit today to see if there was something different I needed to do. Spirit said: You are a Truth Seeker and Truth See-er. It is what makes you a good healer and coach. The more deeply you know who and what you are, the more you will bring into your personal relationships people who also resonate with the Truth…people who are comfortable in it rather than afraid of it.   Spirit said that everyone has different gifts and different ways that they serve the whole. Mine is to be a Truth Seeker, See-er ….oh, and the most difficult one …Truth Say-er.

It has been ‘a problem’ since I was a child. I saw deeply into what was really happening…why people were doing what they were doing…why there were feeling how they were feeling…and knew what they didn’t know themselves or were unwilling to say. As a child, I had no filter…I just called it like I saw it. And spent many hours in my room where I’d been sent by FrustratedHealer because I made her or someone else uncomfortable. I would be frustrated and bewildered. I just didn’t understand that everyone did not see the Truth. As I grew, I put some skills and sensitivity around how and when to deliver the Truth (than God!). Relationships where Truth was not welcome, however, did not interest me much.

MindMan and I recently had a conflict where he wanted to deliver ‘brutal truth’ to me. He said it was the test of our friendship how we dealt with communicating ‘brutal truth’. I remember that day feeling put off by the term…why does the Truth have to be brutal? Shouldn’t Truth have love and compassion attached to it? They very idea that the Truth needed to be brutal to actually be Truth just did not resonate with me. I see now that I would call that a masculine view of Truth. It must be brutal. And, for people who are uncomfortable with Truth or not used to living in Truth, let alone speaking it, I guess it could be brutal. Brutal because the Truth can cut through our walls, protections and ways of being that keep us safe and comfortable…straight to our unguarded heart and our vulnerabilities…and, yes, I totally get that that can feel brutal.  However, I have seen over and over again the power of Truth delivered in love and compassion – that is life changing.

Anyway, Truth is something you know…deep within…and is always connected to your heart. Truth is not 3D facts…truth is not even memories. Truth is the entire gestalt of what it all means …the good, the bad, the ugly, the facts, the feelings, the karmic interplay, the Soul interplay, the combination of all the energies involved…all of it. THAT is the Truth. While that sounds complicated, the Truth is often simple.   Truth is feeling-based; but, like so much in our world, Truth has been made factual, codified. ‘Do you swear to tell the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth?’   We’ve all seen this on TV shows and movies and the Truth is a recitation of 3D facts. In fact, there is no allowance for what was known or felt. Think about it….if I was on trial for hurting a man who was about to shoot my child…there would be no Truth that allowed for my knowing, my intuition, etc.   I KNEW he was going to shoot my child  so I intervened.  However, since I can’t prove it that on a 3D level, I am the guilty party. I digress, but do you get it?

So, back to the Buddha’s quote. He is saying the Truth is not a remembered ‘ thing’. You can’t remember the Truth. It just is. Whatever is true, is the Truth. If you have to remember, keep your facts straight, keep scratching your head because you don’t remember…then you can know for sure that the Truth does not lie in the remembering.

So, noodle on that folks.   How deeply do you know your own Truth? How deeply do you know yourself? How comfortable/uncomfortable are you when someone shines the light on you and wants to know your Truth.   How many stories, layers, and protections stand between you and your Truth?   It will be an easier world to live in when we all live in Truth. And, remember what I’ve said before…we are going to a fully telepathic race….the Truth will be known to all.   We are in the process of building our muscles so that we can live in that kind of open-heartedness and vulnerability….as well as live in compassion for each persons’ Truth.  Imagine that every passing person could immediately see your deepest secrets, shames and vulnerabilities!   Don’t worry….we are not there yet and we will all be dead before that happens.  🙂   We are on that continuum.   You can co-create the knowing of your own Truth with Spirit or you can resist it. Either way, you will come to know your own Truth…it is just a matter of how much pain and struggle you choose to have in the knowing.

Oh, and a last, last thing. The ability and willingness to know your own Truth directly relates to your ability to love and accept yourself. If you are afraid of what is ‘in there’ you will continue to resist your own Truth. If you can love and accept yourself, than the Truth is not so scary.

The Energetics of Seasonal Depression

So, yesterday I had a session with an amazing and lovely woman we’ll call Sue. She talked about her struggles with seasonal depression and her trepidation that the days were growing shorter. My partner, SoulSpark, who assisted me in the session also grapples with this challenge. During the session, Spirit shared a very interesting perspective on seasonal depression. It aligns with some of my beliefs, but I never connected seasonal depression to my beliefs.

So….for years I have talked about shining the light on whatever within you is troubled, sad, etc. Open yourself up and shine the light on it. Bring it out into the light. Don’t let it sit in you…in the dark….where it festers and grows. So many people that struggle with shame and guilt and a deep fear of what is within them put their effort into keeping it in the ‘dark’. This kind of repression/suppression leads to depression, anxiety, a ‘leaking out’ of emotions that seem out of balance to what is happening and the like. It can be debilitating…it can be a full time job to hide what is within. People who struggle with this imagine that they are so much different or so much ‘worse’ than everyone else…which leads to isolation. They pull back, hide, judge themselves…they feed their darkness.

This is the opposite, by the way, of ‘coming clean’. Think about the catharsis of just saying what you feel, what lives in you…the good, the bad, the ugly. Think of the comfort and camaraderie when a group of people come together and share their darkness.

It is true…where there is light there can be no darkness. So, shine the light inward. Shine it on every nook and cranny of your psyche. Every dark, uncharitable, selfish, blameful, twisted thought. Let the light shine on it and it will lose its power. It is just a thought….you may figure out where it comes from or you may not. Shining the light on it somehow makes it dwindle. When you put you energy into hiding, suppressing, etc….that is when it has power. That is when it runs you from the background…subtly, without you even knowing it.

So, back to the session with Sue. Spirit said that most of the people today suffering from seasonal depression are people who fear the dark…they fear the dark within. There’s a relationship between the physical darkness of the world and the darkness within. A correlation. An attraction. Like with everything else, the Universe works by attraction. A person with much darkness inside will attract more darkness, figuratively and literally. These people feel overwhelmed by the darkness. It amplifies the darkness they feel within. I think of people in my own life who struggle with this….and, to a person, they are individuals who either fear introspection entirely….or they are willing to look within, but they cannot accept their own darkness.

NOTE: There are others, a smaller percentage, who love the darkness. They interpret the physical darkness as cover for their internal darkness. They almost love their darkness too much…love to hang out with it…spend time with it. They give it too much reign and let it run the show. They revel in their own darkness. While there is some goodness in that, this too is out of balance. These people are not leaning into their lightness and creating their life from that. Their fascination with their own darkness keeps them stuck.

Spirit was clear that the way forward is to mine your own darkness. Shine the light on it …all of it. When there is less darkness inside, you will be less concerned about the darkness coming….there will be less resonance.

If this is all foreign to you, here are some examples of darkness within: anger/resentment/tears unshed about past events in your life, anger/resentment/tears unshed about relationships in your life, emotions that you can’t rationally explain, feelings of aggression that you would never act on but you have nonetheless, desires that you are not comfortable expressing, dreams that you won’t voice (even to yourself), regrets unresolved, thoughts about hurting yourself or another, things that hurt your feelings and deep vulnerabilities that you barely understand let alone voice….and the like. You get the idea. Many of us can’t even name these things because they are pushed so far down, we don’t think they are present in us…but they are.

So, where are you on this scale? Do you fear your darkness? Do you shine the light on it? For sure, the way to a happier, healthier life is to bring the dark into the light…for in the light there is no dark…and just let it all be. Are you willing?

Animal Signs – Blue Heron & Owl

Recently I had an experience of animal signs.  Over two days I had close enounters with three flying birds.  The first was a blue heron. I was on one of my many walks. I didn’t even notice it…it was so still. Suddenly there was a fluff of activity within a few feet of me and she took flight.  I have never been that close to a heron….never.  I noticed it for sure…but didn’t know if it meant anything.  Later that day, a blue jay flew very close to my windshield.  That didn’t seem quite so amazing…but it was, for sure, the closest a bird had ever come to my windshield (without hitting it!).  The next day…and this is the ‘big one’….I am driving down a two lane rural highway.  A white owl flies right next to my car window, keeping pace with me and looking me right in the eye.  Couldn’t miss that one.  I was like ‘do owls really fly like that?  During the day?”  Time definitely morphed…he hung in the air right next to the window of my moving car…his yellow eyes looking deeply into my brown eyes.  I sat on it a couple of days, but couldn’t shake it. So, I did what everyone on a spiritual path does – I Googled it.  I literally  Googled ‘blue heron owl animal meaning’.   And I found the article below. Seems someone else had a similar, specific experience.


2Messengers and Signs: the flight of the Great Blue Heron and the sight of an owl.

Messengers come to us in many forms and in many ways. They are carriers of wisdom, information and often a sign we need to help us navigate our way forward. They help to see the hidden treasures in our paths and open our eyes to what is there before us, what lessons and growth are present for us to experience.

The Great Blue Heron has been presenting itself to me in the last couple of days, they are a bird with great significance in my life and I have found that wherever I move I end up in an environment that they call home. …Yesterday alone 5 Blue’s accompanied me on my walk with my Dog, 3 were together stalking prey in the stream and two more flew beside me as my dog ran and play…I cannot speak about the Great Blue without mentioning the Owl. Both times since moving here that the abundance of Blue’s came my way they were always accompanied by the presence of the Owl. So what is the significance and message of the Great Blue Heron and the Owl?

The medicine of the Great Blue Heron is one of self-determination and self-reliance, as a water dweller they are closely related to the energy of emotions and going with the flow of life. Their long and steady legs are symbolic of the ability to stand on one’s own, as the Heron is a lone hunter it signifies the ability of one to be able to tap into their own greatness and power to sustain and fulfill themselves on their way. In the spiritual sense the Great Blue carries the message of connecting and exploring other realms while connected here on earth. Those that carry the medicine of Great Blue’s are ones that can be termed Jack of all Trades, needing a life where they can engage in a variety of activities and dimensions while on earth, living in a way where they are pulled in the direction of the unique flow of their heart and path and often times in a way that goes against the structured and “secure” way of societal norm. (Animal Speak by Ted Andrews)

So what is the significance of the Heron in my own life? How does it’s medicine speak to me? As I embark on another stage in my life where I am setting out on my own, forging a new way and boldly stepping onto the path of my dreams, it is a good reminder to continue to stay true to my heart. To know that I have the inner strength and power to persevere in my vision and know that I can rely on myself and my strength to get me through this part of my journey. The Heron comes to remind me of who it is I really am and the gifts I have inside of me and that I have within me the ability to create and live in a way that truly resonates with my heart. I am strong, I am brave and within me I have all of the tools and resources within me to navigate my way and to always remember to trust myself what I feel, what I know and what I see from inside out. That I must learn to be at one with my form, with my gifts and to use them to my advantage, not all birds just like not all humans are built the same, we must learn to be in harmony with our forms, our gifts and our strengths and then we will find harmony within our lives once again.

And what of the Owl? What message does she carry? The owl is a bird that is closely connected to the Goddess Athena who is symbolic of inner wisdom it was said the Owl perched upon her shoulder on her blind side to provide a light where there was only darkness. In that way the Owl in symbolic of finding wisdom in the darkness, learning to navigate through the dark times while trusting there is light to be seen there and that within the dark caves of our unconscious or psyche there lies treasures waiting to be uncovered and brought into the light. They are visionaries able to see with clarity in places not all others would be able to see. They are nocturnal beings closely associated with the night and the dark sky. They urge us to look within our depths and shadows to bring out what is meant to be in the light, and also helps us to see our fears for what they really are, illusions and tricks. Owl encourages us to seek the truth in our lives and take off the veils we have put over our eyes to keep us from seeing that truth.

 Owl message to me is one of power and of wisdom and also of being guided by something as I embark on a journey within my own depths. The owl is there to help guide my way, illuminating my path of darkness so I can once again see the light.

That message sounds pretty good to me and resonated very strongly with where I am in my life.  Part of the reason I wanted to blog it though was the magic involved in 1) noticing the animal signs enough to investigate and 2) Googling and coming up such a directly applicable and helpful message.  It is one of the many moments in life where I wonder if this world really is made by and for me.  I mean, what are the chances I would stumble on a message about seeing a blue heron AND an owl.  Magic really is afoot…but we have to be in the awareness…and we may need to ask for help.  How often have I had an experience of magic and just kept on walking…or wondered if something might mean something, but got too distracted with life to find out.  I am grateful for the animal messages…and grateful that I noticed…and grateful that someone out there posted something online that helped me.  I hope I do the same for others.